Nuremberg’s Company Builder & Start-up Hub

The Next Unicorn Ventures GmbH is the company builder and start-up hub of the valvisio group, headquartered in the heart of Nuremberg and with a branch in Berlin. We are a well-positioned joint venture partner for mid-sized companies, family-owned businesses and corporates and are capacitated to provide results-driven corporate company building and corporate venturing services.

What we do


Corporate Venturing

Established companies face increasing pressure to keep abreast of the latest innovations & they must thus invest more towards new innovation projects. However, traditional corporate structures & mindsets tend to limit the success of radical innovations. With our expertise and experience cross-industry and cross-country, we can support organisations with the spin-off of innovative business units. Giving life to true corporate venturing, we link corporates with trailblazing and pre-screened founders and start-ups amassed in our network to set up both for future success.

Start-Up Scouting

We operate in the start-up industry and thus have our ear to the ground on cutting-edge innovations and technologies, which are bound to redefine & future-proof corporates. Current market developments and trends as well as the global start-up eco system never leave our sight. Our corporate clients reap similar benefit through our Start-up Scouting Reporting, which includes the valuations of sought start-ups and which would serve as a basis for competition monitoring, future collaborations or potential investment options. Integral parts of the scouting process are modern tools like web crawling, our internal data banks and data enrichment. In our start-up monitoring service offering, we provide our clients with detailed insights on the developments within the start-up ecosystem.

We are your chosen Joint Venture Partner

Beyond the above, we also have a keen interest in long-term and sustainable joint ventures. Together with our joint venture partners we engage in the multi-tiered process of validating the potential of the business model, defining framework conditions and determining the transactional sequences. As such, we are not only consultants, but are also visionaries and with entrepreneurial spirit, open to take on some business risks with our clients – because we identify and appreciate the enormity of opportunities for ground-breaking innovations and businesses. Get the most from our expertise in each of our competencies as well as a plethora of resources and our extensive networks. For your business this also means the creation of extended synergies, which could elevate you with valuable market and competitive advantages.

>> More information on the TNU co-operation options

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A Co-operation that is Worthwhile

Would you like to become a part of the growing start-up scene in Nuremberg and play an active part in launching the unicorns of tomorrow? We invite you to join our network as a co-operation partner of The Next Unicorn Ventures.

>> A Co-operation that is Worth It

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Company Building

Our vision as company builder is set on birthing the next unicorn. We know that this requires the establishment of disruptive solutions and business models, which would significantly impact our life. We live for innovation and are geared up to help launch trailblazing founders and ground-breaking start-ups to new heights.

We are your Co-Founder

Together we build your company of tomorrow. We also take our role as co-founder very seriously and thus avail the full range of resources of the valvisio group – from compliance to data protection, business administration and marketing. For this purpose, we are furthermore excited to connect all pioneers and mavericks with leading corporate partners in our network, expanding the market for start-ups.

You’ve got an ingenious idea?

Do you have the vision to disrupt existing markets? Can your idea be categorised into one of The Next Unicorn Ventures focus verticals for example life science, AI, quantum computing, medtech? In that case, nothing stands in your way of applying for your place in our Company Builder!

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Start-up Incubation / Acceleration

We are more than joint venture partner and co-founder – our capabilities and experience qualify us to also be business mentors for founders and start-ups. Whether virtually or in our in-house start-up hub, we are well versed to provide a range of valuable and yielding bouquet of services and tailored programmes. Our focus reaches far beyond developing the next app – our entire being is set to create a run-up track for disruptive businesses of the future.

Are you the one?

Our feelers are currently out for energised and committed founders / teams / start-ups in the branches of life science, AI, quantum computing, neuro science, medtech & digital health, digital privacy & security, fintech & blockchain as well as IoT. Do you and your team recognise yourselves in any of these? Then go ahead and apply at The Next Unicorn Ventures!

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Co-working close to Nuremburg Central Station

We offer our start-ups and entrepreneurs a wonderful environment in our co-working space, BUILDERSPACE, which is well connected to Nuremberg Central Station. Surrounded by other founders, experts and team members from our portfolio companies, our subsidiaries and sister companies, there are ample opportunities for productive exchange.

A place for you

We offer every founder who joins our company builder or start-up hub a workplace with excellent connections to public transport in Nuremberg. We are just a 3-minute walk from Nuremberg Central Station.

Innovation Lab

Our own think tank “Global Thinking” is located on the same floor as our co-working space. The in-house innovation lab and our entire team are available to assist all founders.

Request further information and become a member!

Our co-working concept differs fundamentally from other spaces in Nuremberg. You are welcome to visit us to check out the space, but non-members cannot drop by to work any time. All our co-working users are members of our company builder or start-up hub.

>> Find out more about BUILDERSPACE

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Meet TNU @ Factory Berlin

Although Nuremberg is our home and we focus on the metropolitan region around Nuremberg, Fürth and Erlangen, we are also represented in the start-up valley of Berlin. With our location at the Factory, in the heart of Germany’s capital, our founders and start-ups can also get a taste of life in Berlin’s vibrant start-up ecosystem. You will find us at Rheinsberger Str. 76/77, 10115 Berlin.

Why Berlin?

Berlin is more than Germany’s capital city, it’s the nation’s own start-up valley. That’s why we decided to make ourselves present in the city where so many innovative ideas are emerging. As a member of Factory Berlin, we also give our employees and start-ups the chance to actively engage in Berlin’s start-up ecosystem, to attend meet-up events and build their professional networks.

Come and visit us!

Would you like to meet up with us in Berlin? Please do! Arrange a personal appointment with Timo at the Factory Kitchen (the publicly accessible cafe/restaurant, with great food!). We will be happy to also give you a tour of the Factory’s inspiring spaces.

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