Nuremberg’s new Startup Hub and Company Builder

The Next Unicorn Ventures is the new Startup Hub and Company Builder of valvisio group, based in the heart of Nuremberg with a second branch in Berlin. Together with our subsidiaries and sister companies, we offer entrepreneurs the ideal conditions to found their startup company.

What we do

Our startup ecosystem

Company Building

As a Company Builder in central Nuremberg, we found and support innovative companies in various industries. As an organisation driven by innovation, we aim to provide a home where founders and startups will flourish.

We are your co-founder

You envision a company of the future – let’s build it together. We will support you as a co-founder, using all the resources available across our group, from marketing and business administration, IT capabilities and data protection to legal and tax advice from our partners.

It’s all about you!

We do not limit ourselves to specific markets such as Fintech, IoT and Blockchain, Food or Digital Marketing. We are interested in you as a founder! Do you have the vision to disrupt markets? Then there’s nothing standing in your way: apply to join our Company Builder!

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Startup Incubator

As well as acting as a Company Builder and founding businesses ourselves, we are keen to welcome founders and startups to our in-house Startup Hub, which offers a wide range of services. For more information, please contact our colleague Jana from New Venture Management.

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Corporate Venturing

TNU Corporate Venturing is our programme for connecting established companies with founders, startups and entrepreneurs. Trends such as Industry 4.0, IoT and Blockchain, along with the demands of digital transformation, are placing considerable pressure on traditional industries to innovate. This brings not only major challenges, but also tremendous opportunities that are waiting be exploited.

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Coworking at Central Station

We offer our startups and entrepreneurs a wonderful environment in our Coworking Space, which is well connected to Nuremberg Central Station. Surrounded by other founders, experts and team members from our portfolio companies, our subsidiaries and sister companies, there are ample opportunities for productive exchange.

A place for you

We offer every founder who joins our Company Builder or Startup Hub a workplace with excellent connections to public transport in Nuremberg. We are just a 3-minute walk from Nuremberg Central Station.

Innovation Lab

Our own think tank “Global Thinking” is located on the same floor as our Coworking Space. The in-house Innovation Lab and our entire team are available to assist all founders.

Request further information and become a member!

Our coworking concept differs fundamentally from other spaces in Nuremberg. You are welcome to visit us to check out the space, but non-members cannot drop by to work any time. All our coworking users are members of our Company Builder or Startup Hub. For further information please contact Jana from New Venture Management!

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TNU Ventures Fund - Zero -

With our TNU Ventures Fund – Zero – we are currently placing our first venture capital fund. It is expected to be open to professional and semi-professional investors in 2020.

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Meet TNU @ Factory Berlin

Although Nuremberg is our home and we focus on the metropolitan region around Nuremberg, Fürth and Erlangen, we are also represented in the startup valleyof Berlin. With our location at the Factory, in the heart of the capital, our founders and startups can also get a taste of life in Berlin’s vibrant ecosystem. You will find us at Rheinsberger Str. 76/77, 10115 Berlin.

Why Berlin?

Berlin is more than Germany’s capital city, it’s the nation’s own startup valley. That’s why we decided to make ourselves present in the city where so many innovative ideas are emerging. As a member of Factory Berlin, we also give our employees and startups the chance to actively engage in Berlin’s startup ecosystem, to attend meetup events and build their professional networks.

Come and visit us!

Would you like to meet up with us in Berlin? No problem! It’s best to arrange a personal appointment with Timo or Volker at the Factory Kitchen (the publicly accessible cafe/restaurant, with great food!). We will be happy to also give you a tour of the Factory’s inspiring spaces.

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Latest News

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On the tenth of October 2019 the popular Gründerszene Spätschicht (which translates to Late Shift Founder Scene) opened its gates for the penultimate time this year. Following the theme of “small talk for big business”, investors...

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Sustainability at the heart of our daily business

We have been certified as a climate-neutral company since September 2019. As a company builder and startup hub in Nuremberg and Berlin, we support sustainable startups and their founders. That's...

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Hi, we’re new around here.

The Next Unicorn Ventures, that's us. We've made it our mission to support start-ups. Our wide range of services – from marketing, futurology, product development, IT & data protection to...

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For founders and entrepreneurs

We want you!

Found your startup with us! We will help you to develop ideas, implement innovations and bring business models to market. We and our team of some 20 experts are at your disposal to assist with entrepreneurship and innovation, business administration, marketing, advertising and research into trends and future developments.
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