Sustainability at the heart of our daily business

We have been certified as a climate-neutral company since September 2019. As a company builder and startup hub in Nuremberg and Berlin, we support sustainable startups and their founders. That’s why we also strive to help the environment in our approach and our working methods. Our use of resources, choice of materials and advertising materials (including their production) are therefore highly geared towards sustainability.

Climate neutrality with CLIMATE EXTENDER

This certificate provides independent confirmation that we engage in voluntary emissions trading and contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gases. We have been a climate-neutral company since September 2019.

Our commitment: SIMPLY ACT NOW

Besides CO2 offsetting, we also focus on CO2 reduction, for example by using paperless workflows, avoiding domestic flights and selecting organic, seasonal, regional and fair-trade food for our events.

As a forward-looking company, our sense of responsibility extends beyond day-to-day operations to product development and the choice and use of materials. In this way, we are helping to protect the climate right from the very outset of each venture.

We’re a climate-neutral operation! 

More information on the projects we support can be found here